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BBN 2020: Dorothy's Followers Rise To 60k After Entering The Bigbrother House [See Proof]

See proof of how Dorathy's Followers multiplied in 10hrs:

Good day BBN (Bigbrother Naija) Fans,be rest assured that I would always be here for you,to provide you with hottest Entertainment news and most especially the Bigbrother Naija show 2020 season 5.

The show has officially started for those that do not know.

Also in less than 24hours of the BBN show day 1 ,the young lady known as "Dorathy" happens so be the most popular housemate in the house already.

I understand the fact that everyone has their various faves in one aspect or the other, and I respect that value alot.

I'm not here to compare one housemate or the other,they are all amazing in their own ways.

Story Of Dorathy Bachor As A BBN Housemate:

Dorathy Bachor became a celebrity in less than 5 hours after being welcomed into the Bigbrother Naija House.

She is loved and adored by everyone who saw her at first sight.

For me I would call this God's grace, I would rather that Dorathy has the grace of God upon her that makes her outstanding already.

In as much as people think that it is because of her natural endowment and beauty,I do not think so .

In any case that might be inclusive,but how do you explain the fact that so many females are fanzing her also.

Dorathy is a lucky and happy person who was easily accepted by everyone and we hope that she doesn't let us down.

A brief story :

If you watch closely,unlike the former BBN so far,it took audience much time than this to spot out their favorite housemates.

This took people approximately 1_2 weeks to observe their characters before becoming a fan ,but this is a totally different case as Dorathy has already taken over the place.

How Dorathy's Followers Increased (proof):

According to comedian Josh, Dorathy had 5k followers,but that same night Dorathy hit 20k followers.

Meanwhile according to my documentation here,Dorathy had 16k followers as at 10pm 19th July, and the BBN welcome show started by 7pm,this approximately means that from 7_10pm,her followers had probably increase already. That is to say that experienced the increase of followers,reading in minutes and hours.

From comedian vanjosh who knew her better before she went for the show,accounted that this was her intial followers.

From my documentation:

Currently counting:

Pictures of Busty Dorathy Bachor:

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