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Any Labour Party Member Calling For Interim President Should Be Arrested As The Law Demands — Apampa

Lamidi Apapa, the Labour Party's factional national chairman, has demanded the arrest of any party member who advocates installing an interim president or interim administration before to May 29. After the party's National Executive Council met in Bauchi state, he made this statement in a communique.

According to Mr. Apapa, the Labour Party respects the rule of law and will continue to uphold the law's constitution. Therefore, he declared that any Labour Party member who calls for a transitional administration will be endangering the nation's democracy. He claimed that the constitution required such people to be subject to the full force of the law.

According to the Daily Post, Lamidi Apapa said, "The NEC in session distanced itself from any unlawful call for an Interim President and Interim administration of any type and in any form. Any member of the Labour Party found to be involved in this treasonous conduct should be treated as an enemy of democracy and should be arrested in accordance with the Federal Republic of Nigeria's legal requirements, we urge the security personnel to act.

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