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Big Brother Naija Level Up: Meet the Second Set of Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates

The Big Brother Naija Live event in 2022 will have the theme of Level Up, and names and images of the "batch B" BBNaija Season 7 housemates have been gathered.

Presenter Ebuka brought his A-game to the premiere of Big Brother Naija's seventh season, which got off to an excellent start. One noteworthy aspect of tonight's presentation is the addition of a live audience. The catchphrase for the current year is "Level Up."


Bella is going to step it up a notch by making the most of every moment of her existence. She believes that although she is a sweet girl, her housemates might not like her because of how much she talks.


Adekunle intends to advance the situation by ensuring that he has a point of view on everyone's affairs. Will he gain allies or enemies with this plan?


Eloswag, who is supported by Fufu and Egusi, claims that throughout his stay in the Level Up House, his enthusiasm and vibes would captivate both spectators and his fellow housemates.


Doyin, a master manipulator, intends to infuse Big Brother Season 7 with positive energy and a little bit of disdain. She values loyalty greatly and will go to any lengths for her friends and her love.


Allysyn thinks that because she is distinct, special, and open-minded, she will stand out in the house. She's "extremely single" and intends to take a shot if she encounters someone she finds attractive at Biggie's home.


Dotun is prepared to compete for victory! His fierce competitiveness and forthright nature pose the greatest threat to the other housemates.


Chomzy is here to serve it "hot hot." She has a good heart and despises those who get satisfaction from demeaning others. She aspired to be a lawyer, so she claims she will never engage in physical contact but will always use her words.



Giddyfia believes that in this uncertain game, a strategy is not a strategy. Because of this, he intends to stand apart by being genuine and adaptable.


Diana intends to play with all of her might! Additionally, she is a manipulator at heart since her game plan is to win the trust of all of her housemates and then take advantage of it.


Hermes never speaks poorly of anyone behind their back, but you can always count on him to be brutally honest. "I will be honest, no matter how difficult it is."


Chichi wants to up the ante by bringing her uniqueness, honesty, and "the real stripper sensations." She claims she's not the type of girl to kiss and tell. Will she uphold these standards in Biggie's house?

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