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3 Undeniable Signs You Are Ready For A Relationship

Being in a relationship is a great and an interesting Experience and no doubts about that, but just because you want to be in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re ready for one, relationship is not only about love and romance, it involves alot of responsibilities as well, it needs your time and sometimes money. Thererefore, it’s important for you to figure out if you’re fully ready for it before you begin one, else you’ll make yourselves feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

The following are signs that could serve as warning that you probably need to take care of some issues before starting one.

A) Coming to terms with the past.

• You know that your last relationship is over. You’ve known it’s over for a while. You don’t have any interest in going back to your ex.

• You’ve taken the time to examine that relationship and have learned as much from it as you can. You recognize what went wrong, and hopefully have spotted any warning signs you missed or ignored along the way. You recognize whether your relationship was doomed to fail or failed because one or both of you gave up. You recognize ways that both of you could have handled things better.

• You recall the qualities that attracted you to your ex. And you’re able to do this without missing them and wanting to go back to them.

• You can identify the qualities or behaviors that made you two incompatible. And you’re able to do this without getting angry, without blowing your ex’s “flaws” out of proportion and demonising him or her.

B) You’re generally “happy” with your life now.

• You’ve taken that time not only to come to terms with the past, but to make sure that the present isn’t something you’re trying to escape from.

• You’re taking care of your responsibilities (whether that’s school or a job). You might not love those things, but you should be able to draw satisfaction from what you put into them and what you get out of them.

• You’ve taken the time to either rediscover or reprioritize the things that make you happy, such as hobbies or interests, or maybe friends you’ve grown distant from. Maybe those were things which got pushed to the side in your last relationship. Maybe you’ll find you’ve grown past your old hobbies, interests, and friends. That’s ok, too. Go find new ones.

• Whatever those things are which make you happy, you’ve identified them and are willing to make a space for them in your life. In other words, you’re willing to set boundaries to protect what matters to you in your life.

• You’ve identified some kind of medium-to-long term goal, and have at least the outline of a plan to achieve it.

C) You’ve found the right person.

At this point, you might have started experiencing attraction to a specific person for specific reasons (if you can identify them). And it happens at a point in your life when you’re emotionally healthy enough to get involved with someone else and are willing to accept the risks.

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