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Independence Day Message : There Won't Be War In Nigeria By The Grace Of God

Picture Credit The Punch (For Illustration).

Nigeria is God's owned nation, God knows everything concerning this country, He is the Alpha and Omega, the author and finisher of this nation. I am of the opinion that, God wanted this nation to remain as one, if not, the 1914 amalgamation of the northern and the southern protectorates by Fredrick Lugard wouldn't have been possible. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to ensure that the unity of Nigeria is upheld. You see, in unity we stand but in divide we fall. We must all join hands together to lift up this nation to a greater height.

When it was time for our country to become an independent nation, if God didn't want it to be, our national fathers would have fought in vain, therefore, the existence of this country, was never a mistake as many perceive it.

Nigeria, as I have said earlier, is God's owned nation, if not, the nation won't have remain as a single entity despite various challenges that have threatened the peace, oneness, unity and progress of this country. Many nations who didn't experience one third of what had happened in Nigeria, have collapsed, yet God sustained this nation. He didn't allow any war to break out in our nation, may His name be glorified forever and ever.

My esteemed readers, I am optimistic that, by the grace of God, there won't be war in Nigeria. It is an obvious that some people are praying and clamouring for war in this country, meanwhile, these set of people don't know that once bitten is twice shy. War is not going to do us any good in this country, therefore, instead of clamouring for war, we should all come to reason together on the way forward. Let us commit our nation to God's hands, He is the Alpha and Omega of this nation, He can solve our nation's challenges because He has the overall power and authority.

I wish you all Happy Independence Day.

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