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OPINION: Saga Should Stop Crying About Missing Nini And Focus On His Game

Housemates in big brother's house have been thrown into confusion since the disappearance of Nini, who has gone on a secret task assigned to her by big brother. Activities in the house seem not to go as normal as housemates could not place their hands on the real fact about what happened to the missing housemate.

However, Saga seems the most disturbed about the situation of things. Late yesterday night, Saga went to knock on the door leading to the diary room, expecting big brother to open the door. After several minutes of knocking, he then went in to bring his duvet, and slept at the entrance of the room, probably hoping to be the first to see Nini when she comes out of where he thinks she is.

By morning, Saga could not participate in the exercise, he had to sit while looking extremely dejected. Hours later, he was seen crying in the garden and asking what he is to do with his life without Nini.

In my own opinion, the search for Nini will deprive Saga the concentration he needs to keep his head in the game. Saga has allowed romantic feelings overshadow his major purpose of being in the house.

Although, it's obvious that he cares a lot about Nini, however when it's affecting his major aims and objectives in the house, he needs to sit up and caution himself. When I earlier heard him say he will voluntarily leave the house if Nini was evicted, I felt like he has based all his life around her despite the fact that she said she has a relationship outside the house.

It will be extremely bad if he lose this game and still does not end up with Nini outside the house. For Saga to participate actively in this game, he has to be in the right state of mind, not by crying.

What do you think about Saga crying because of Nini?

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