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Foods You Should Consume Regularly To Keep The Immune System Active.

Essential to protect the body from foreign substances and cells, the immune system as it is also known contains biological structures and processes capable of creating an effective protective barrier in the body.

According to healthline, diet can be a great ally in this process by providing the body with the nutrients necessary for the immune system to function.

Foods that are allies of the immune system:

Sweet potatoes and oats

These carbohydrates are more used by those who practice intense exercises. It is able to decrease the degree of immunosuppression and stabilise mood.

Nuts and chestnuts

These lipids are important for the production of hormones and vitamin E, improving the health of the skin, hair, and strengthening the immune system, as well as helping to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Lemon, acerola, orange, green and red bell peppers

Components rich in vitamin C increase the production of white blood cells that act as fighters against microorganisms and foreign structures that try to settle in the body. They are also antioxidants that increase the body's resistance.


A source of omega-3, this food is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps keep the immune system active. It is also composed of vitamins A and D that act in the prevention of diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and help to properly develop vision. In addition, it helps the arteries to stay clear of inflammation.

Egg yolk

Rich in vitamin D, this food is fundamental for the prevention of non-transmissible chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, and essential for acting together with the cells in our organism that are responsible for defending the body from viruses and bacteria that threaten the immune system.

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