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My First Opera News Pay was N1.28K

My name is victoria, i am a corps member.How did I get to know about opera news ? It all started in January 2021 when my lodge mate a corps member started talking about how opera money help her prepared for the Nysc camp,sustain her in camp and also after camp,her name is Vivian by the way.

What attracted me basically was when she mentioned that she made seventy six thousand naira at a certain time during the lockdown era,but still the doubting Thomas in me waved it off.Before now,someone told else told me about it but I turned deaf ear saying it was scam.

Fast forward to second week of February,I was in my room and then I heard a scream saying "opera has paid me",I rushed out and It was my neighbour Vivian,she showed me the alert through her opay account and she was paid Thirty seven thousand Naira,I was like wawu ,one part of me still doubting until she move the money to her first bank account that was when I believed.

After weeks of disturbing her to help me open an account which she guide me through,I wrote my first article and got 249 clicks and I also wrote a second and got 39 click and that was like the last day of February. I was sad about the number of click and she told me that clicks does come by magic that I should be consistent.

By march I was paid N1.28K,I laughed when I saw it, but it didnt stop me from writing even though I was getting low clicks and rejections too.Then came April when I was paid a thousand plus,I was happy because better days are ahead of me and I am still making more effort this month because my tomorrow must be created than today.

Thank you opera for this platform.

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