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Covid 19 Support Loan: Things You Should Before You Should Do

The Covid 19 TCF loan is a Governmental Empowerment Programme designed by the Federal Government Of Nigeria in Collaboration With Central Bank Of Nigeria and NIRSAL Microfinance Bank to support businessmen who faced set backs in their businesses last year. Many people have benefited from this government Loan why some people are still expecting to receiving theirs this year. In regards to this, I have been able to gather some useful information which will help you to know more about the Covid 19 TCF loan. But before I proceed I will like to advice some people who haven't applied or benefitted from this loan to please apply as the loan has help many people I'm boosting their businesses.

Therefore, for those that have already register for the loan, we are here to share with you some of the steps to follow so as to make your loan approval easier.

Many people are still not aware why their loan status is still pending since last year to this time. These are some of the steps to follow if you are in this category of people:

1. The Covid 19 Support loan management have taken time to monitor and investigate people's account so as to know your Earnings and Expenses in a day; therefore during the registration process you need to provide a viable account summary for a proper investigation.

2. The Email address you used for the registration must always be active and you must visit it in time to time so as to know when you loan status has been approved.

3. Your account details you used for the registration(especially BVN) must match with the one in your bank as mismatch can cause disqualification of loan.

4. Make sure that you do not have any pending loan with any other bank in the country.

In conclusion, all the above steps can contribute to you not receiving your loan.

I hope the article was helpful?

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