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Throwback Photos Of Odumeje & Ada Jesus

In life, having issues with people is normal, but what matters is how we forgive each other after we offend one another. Bringing us to the fact that according to a video that a verified source posted, you can clearly hear when Odumeje made it known that he will never forgive Ada Jesus a popular comedian.

And also went on by saying that once he is done with her, he will face her generation. He made this statement directly to her father. See video to get a better view. Well Throwback photos of them surfaced online, and you can clearly see the smile on their faces, she was even holding him. 

Meaning that they were in good terms before issues came between them. But I just pray he will forgive her and also pray for her. And I really don't see any need why he will also threaten her generation. 

But nevertheless our God is a merciful father, and I know that he will heal her. On seeing throwback photos of Odumeje & Ada After he said when he's done with her, he will face her generation. What do you think? 

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