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FICTION: My Husband Divorced Me Because I Don't Know How To Cook, See What My Mother-in-law Did

When my husband and I was courting he has never complain of my food. Though he comes once in a month in my place and when he comes he don't like to eat. Anytime I visited him either we eat outside or I prepared noodles or tea. He has never complained of my inability to cook though I was thinking of how I will improve. Barely three months after our wedding and I noticed unusual behavior of my husband and he has stopped giving me attention. I was concerned about it because we just got married, so I confronted him and he refused to talk to me. I was ashamed to tell my parents the problem I was facing, he stopped eating my food and returns home late.

I was watching television when my husband returned from work and he issued me divorce paper. What is going on? We just got married and what have I done to deserve this treatment. He said he can't continue the marriage because I don't know how to cook and I pleaded I can amend and he said is over between us. I was crying and was imagining what people will say then I decided to let his mother to know about it before my parents. When I visited her and she was concerned about my feelings but she scolded me. That my husband has been coming to her place to eat, is a shameful thing I could not cook for him.

Where was I when my mate was learning how to cook, so I was among the lady that believe in eating outside and having house help that will do all the work. Just that she loves me and don't want me to loose my marriage then she decided to visit us. She started to teach me on how to cook different kind of things but anytime my husband is in my presence she will insults me so that he will not look as if she's supporting me. But I sees it as adnormal because she suppose to support me and defend me in his presence.

So, i lost interest to learn then she called me and said I don't have sense, which mother will praise their daughter-in-law who does not know how to cook. She just want to help me because she likes me if it where to be another mother she will support her son to chase me and bring another lady for him. I told him is odd for him to always come to my house to asked for food, that was rather odd for a newly married man. I have been begging him to let go and gives you chance to improve yourself. I started to cry and I have seen reasons I was the cause of my problem.

Instead of encouraging him to eat outside with another woman and eventually end his marriage I rather save your marriage because of the geniue love you have for him. Then I begged her to help me out, then she taught me all the food her son loves and I was happy because I learnt what I expected. Then I do the cooking the next day she supervised me, after everything she congratulated me for coming out with good result. She told my husband to allow me because I have learnt how to cook and he said we are still husband and wife. Then I thanked and hugged her for saving my marriage.

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