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5 Common Colours Of Urine And What They Say About Your Health

Urine is a liquid by-product of metabolism in humans and lots of other animals. It moves from the kidneys to the ureters, then to the bladder. Urination leads to urine being passed out from the body through the urethra.

Your kidneys are vital organs liable for making urine by filtering wastes and excess water from your blood. The waste is understood as urea. Your blood transports it to the kidneys.

Urine is roughly 95 percent water, and therefore the rest is formed from thousands of compounds both inorganic and organic exiting the body.

Colored urine is usually caused by medications, certain foods, or food dyes. In some cases, urine color changes are often a result of specific health issues.

Some of the colors of urine and what they assert about your health condition include.

1. Clear Urine 

If an individual experiences clear urine, they don't need to regularly go to do the test at the hospital. Clear urine may be a sign that you simply are drinking enough water and have a healthy tract.

2. Yellowish urine


Pale yellow urine shows good hydration. Dark yellow urine may be a sign that you simply lack many fluids in your body. Amber-colored urine may be a sign of dehydration. 

3. Red or pink urine 


If you've got visible blood in your urine, or if your urine is light pink or red, see a doctor immediately. This will be a symptom of a severe health condition and should be diagnosed immediately.

4. Orange urine 

Orange urine color isn't caused by dehydration, it's going to be as a result of different foods or medications or be a sign of liver disease. Orange color urine can also signify the presence of adult-onset jaundice.

5. Dark urine 

If your urine color is brown, it may be due to dehydration. But if you drink extra fluid and your pee remains brown, then something else goes on. Several things, including some medical conditions (liver disease as a result of the presence of bile within the urine), can make your urine color to be dark.

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