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Please Where Can I See This Types Of Men To Marry - Lady Asks (photos)

Love is interesting, but not blind as everyone knows what they wanted in a relationship. If anyone tells you that love is blind, it's a pure lie as people always have reason for dating or marrying someone apart from love.

A young pretty lady identified as Chidimma Muoghalu has taken to Facebook to ask where she can see some type of men in the photos she shared online. In the photo there are some groups of men in nice cloths spending money lavishly to a particular party celebrant. The volume of the money they are spending seems huge and this may be the reason why the lady is want group of men in those categories.

Chidimma asked the specific area she can locate them maybe at Igbo Ogwu head bridge or main market in Onitsha as she feels like finding one to marry and answer mummy forever.

See full photos below

The aspiration of this lady has got reactions from many Facebook users who are interested about the money the guys are spending as they share diverse opinion about richness

Money is the root of all evil but remember money also answereth all. Share your view.

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