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4 Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person

So many people in this day and age have gotten into the wrong relationships without even knowing it. Most people think it's just about having butterflies and admiring the person's beauty. There is more to dating than meets the eye. People also need to understand that love does not necessarily solve every problem in every relationship. There are some steps you need to take before you can be sure that this person is the right one for you. There are also ways to know if this person isn't the right one for you and they are listed below:

You feel like you have to wear a mask

Wearing a mask simply means not being yourself or trying so hard to be someone or something that you are not. Wearing a mask also means painting false impression in front of this particular person making them assume you are perfect when you actually are not. If you have to put up all of these masks just to be with this person, then it is a capital no if you're planning on getting into a relationship with this person. This just shows you aren't even comfortable with the person's presence.

They think the world revolves around them

No matter what you do in this life, never date someone who thinks the world revolves around them. These people are usually full of themselves and assume that no one can do anything without them. They would so subjugate you into thinking that dating them is the best decision you'll ever make in your life, whereas, that is not the case.

They don't really listen to you

One of the best ways to know if someone is right for you is by taking note of how much attention they pay to the details you give them. Details as simple as your birthday, your favourite music, favourite colour are perfect examples of things your partner should pay attention to if they genuinely are listening to you.

Hanging out with them drains you

Hanging out with someone you really care about shouldn't be draining. It's actually supposed to feel like a breath of fresh air. However, if you notice that this particular person drains you mentally, physically and emotionally even when you hang out with them, then there is a problem. Never get into a relationship with someone who drains you in any manner.

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