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What To Do Immediately If A Fish Bone Sticks To Your Throat

Healthline reports that if a fish bone becomes stuck in the throat, the patient may experience pain, coughing, and even spitting up blood. This is a serious situation that requires immediate attention. Here are some potential solutions:

1.According to healthline Consume carbonated beverages as they can displace the fish bone due to the pressure of the gas. This should help you swallow it down easily.

2. If you happen to come across a piece of bread or another solid food item, try to swallow it down along with the bone. Gargling with salt water or taking cough medicines may help alleviate throat pain.

3. Avoid talking or making sounds and instead take a deep breath, tilt your head backward, and cough vigorously. This can help push the bone up and out of the throat. Scratching the back of your throat with a finger during coughing may also help.

4. Eat bananas or other fruits high in citric acid to help break down the fish bone and make it easier to swallow. Honey or olive oil can also be ingested to lubricate the throat and aid in smooth passage of the bone.

5. Stay calm, particularly if you've consumed anything spicy. Let your throat relax and avoid any unnecessary coughing.

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