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WhiteMoney didn't answer Ebuka’s question properly -Nini says.

Nini reveals that WhiteMoney didn't answer Ebuka’s question properly last night.

The camera focused on Nini, Saga, Liquorose, and Emmanuel discussing in the garden. Nini decided to engage them in a discussion about last night’s eviction show.

Below is the breakdown of their discussion.

Nini: I think WhiteMoney didn't answer Ebuka’s question properly. We usually answer Ebuka’s questions like we don't know what we are doing.

Saga: Ebuka’s question was straightforward.

Nini: Ebuka asked WhiteMoney do you mean if you didn't perceive Nini as viewers favorite Cross should have apologized to her? WhiteMoney was just going back and forth. So if I was not the viewer's favorite he wouldn't have advised Cross to apologize.

As expected, Nini’s statement got a lot of comments on social media.

Gbenga: Nini and Saga should leave the house. They don't add anything to the house.

Tunde: So, he should have been direct with his answer.

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