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How a Music Minister Was Sick To Death After Ministering Where He Was Warned Not To Minister-Enenche

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center spoke to his members on "ANOINTED FOR DOMINION" at 2023 Destiny Recovery Convention, Glory Dome, Abuja.

While he spoke about the secret of the oil, he spoke about The Priestly/Prophetic altar and said that the altar of your Priest or Prophet is your altar of oil. The Prophet over your life determines the oil on your head. When you are under the covering of a false prophet, you are carrying a false oil. Fake prophets equal fake oil, occultic prophets equal occultic oil.

He then told the story of how a Music Minister was sick to death after ministering where he was warned not to minister. He said, "One of the young Music Ministers that God brought my way in this Ministry, told me some time ago that he had an invitation to go somewhere to minister in Music. And when people saw his name on the flier everybody started calling him, 'Are you going to that place, are you sure that you want to go'? And he said, 'I have already given my word'!

So he went, when he left that place he was sick to death for almost six months. His mother is an old Scripture Union Mother, they did everything, nobresult. So, the mother prayed and prayed and said, 'It looks like you went somewhere recently that you are not meant to go. And he said, "Yes Mother, I went somewhere and everybody was calling me saying, 'Are you sure of that place? And I still went".

"She said, 'Go and purge yourself and ask God for mercy'! not only did the affliction come, oil dropped, the pungency of ministration dropped, the impact of singing dropped and everything dropped. The same way the right oil can take you up, the wrong oil can crash you down. It is not everywhere they are laying hands on people that you will put your head, if you are not sure of the hand don't surrender your head.

Finally, the cleric said, "Even Pastors in the Ministry get grounded because of the kind of Priestly oil they went to surrender themselves to. Do you know that there are altars you stand on that dry yourself up?"

Fast forward the VIDEO to 3 hour 50 minutes for the sermon

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