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"I'm the first successful person coming out from my community" -Whitemoney reveals

Whitemoney recently revealed to Angel about where he comes from and the things he would do for his community once he is outside the big brother naija shine ya eyes house.

In his conversation with Angel, Whitemoney revealed that he is from Amaani in Enugu state, Nigeria. An that it pains him alot to see that his community lacks development. Stating that he comes from a cool background and despite the things his grandfather and father built in the community, there is no development there.

Whitemoney further added that he thinks he is the first person coming from his community that is a bit successful following his emergence in the big brother naija shine ya eyes house. "i am the first successful person coming out from my community".

He also stated that he will use his success to give back to his community in whatever way he can. That he would do more of business and add to his success while still being of help to his people in his community. Angel agreed with him and also stated that she would do the same thing.

It is good that Whitemoney had this conversation with Angel, telling her more about himself because she had earlier seen him in a negative way, as someone that is pretentious and too she would know the reason for him being too strategic in the house was for him to make it this far and give back to his community.

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