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'Akpabio Has Been Thrown To The Wolves, PDP Senators May Not Support Him Due To History' - Mikko

As a result of the significance the South-South played in the most recent Presidential election, the All Progressive Congress has zoned the Senate Presidency to the region. Senator Godswill Akpabio, a Christian, is reportedly a top choice for Senate President by President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The majority opposition parties would probably defeat the minority APC in Senator Akpabio's case.

The APC has been cautioned not to make a mistake that could cost them control of the 10th Senate by Honourable Bernard Mikko, a former member of the House of Representatives. He claimed that based on what Senator Akpabio had done to the PDP in 2014—which resulted in the formation of the New PDP—the senators from the PDP might be plotting not to support him.

I think Akpabio has been put in a bad situation, and the PDP senators might not back him because of the past,'' he said. Additionally, 37 senators from the PDP will cast votes in the Senate election. The majority of them are returning Senators, and the records are there if you bring the same individual who abandoned them in this Senate and is still there.

Here, the Saraki scenario may come into play, in which they band together to overthrow the APC. The assertion that he is supported by 70 senators is unfounded and unreal. Local politics and national politics are very dissimilar. You are aware of the PDP's issue at the time, namely how Akpabio joined the new PDP while claiming that Jonathan was not on his mind. I believe the APC should search elsewhere for a viable opposition candidate.

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