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Remedies for teething in babies

As a parent, you undoubtedly rejoice when your child achieves new milestones, but one milestone that may cause him suffering and cause you concern is teething because teething makes babies unpleasant and fussy, as well as keeping them awake at night.

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Teething is a painful and distressing experience for the infant. This is due to the tooth moving beneath the gum tissue's surface, causing the area to become red, inflamed, and sensitive, and teeth like molars hurt more than others because they have a bigger surface area. 

Signs your baby is about to start teething

1 Drooling

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Drooling is a common side effect of teething in babies. This is the initial indication that teething is about to begin and it can begin as early as the tenth week of a baby's life. Put a bib on your drooling infant to keep him or her dry. 

2 Swollen gum

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If your baby's gums are red and swollen, he or she may be teething. A simple massage of the swollen area with your forefinger may bring some relief.

3 Fussy at bedtime

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Teething can cause great discomfort that keeps your child awake at night time.

4 Crying

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Teething pain is excruciating for children. If you notice your child is crying continuously and can't figure out why, look for other signs of teething.

How to help your baby get relief from teething pain

1 Cold feeding bottle 

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When a feeding bottle is frozen upside down, the ice that accumulates near the nipple causes it to harden. If your child becomes fussy give the bottle to him or her to chew on for relief.

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2 To temporarily relieve the discomfort, rub a clean finger over the aching gums. This is a standard therapy that works in the majority of cases.

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3 If your baby is already chewing solid food, you can give them something to chew on like carrots.

4 Cold compress

Cold and pressure are two of the oldest and most effective ways to relieve teething pain. Applying a cold compress helps numb the area while the pressure soothes swollen gums.

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