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Divorce Affair

If Your Husband Cheats On You, It Is Foolishness To Revenge By Cheating As Well - Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby women are caught cheating and when they are interrogated as to the reason, they claim that it is because their husbands have also been cheating on them. These women believe that they have a right to revenge and they sometimes do it in a way that brings shame to their family.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that it is foolishness for a woman who has a cheating husband to revenge by also sleeping with other men.

According to Okoro Blessing, there are other ways to punish a man instead of cheating on him. She further stated that it is unfortunate that married women even shamelessly remove their matrimonial rings.

Okoro Blessing in a video she posted said;

”If a man cheats on you, it is foolishness to revenge by cheating on him too. There are a lot of ways to punish your husband is cheating instead of sleeping with other men. What is your excuse for cheating? Is it because your husband is not good in bed?

If your husband is cheating on you, talk to him about it and it that is not working, you should give him space. Revenging with your body because your husband cheated is madness. You are sleeping with people that don’t even deserve you.

These married women shamelessly take off their matrimonial rings. They shamelessly take the men they sleep with to their matrimonial homes and even their kids know that they are cheating. Has it gotten that bad that you can no longer protect your children at least?”

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