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Say These Short And powerful Prayers In Your Life

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Truely, the Lord has been faithful to us in this month of April, It doesn't mean there was no challenges, but his love and divine protection was wonderful, therefore we should commit the two remaining days in his hands, and ask for more of his blessings in the upcoming month of May.


Excellent God thank you for keeping us safely till this ending of the month, as the month is about to end we declare it shall not end with our lives, in the name of Jesus. And let any plot of the enemies to steal our glory by any means be cancel, in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, we also commit our family members into your hands guard and protect them from the arrow of sudden death, in the name of Jesus. And let evil forces that will rise to steal their joy be destroyed by your fire, in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, in the month of May we ask that you protect us from the eyes of the enemies, and let every good thing delayed in our lives because of their evil manipulations be restore back, in the name of Jesus. We ask that we dwell in your joy and peace from today henceforth, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father for granting our petition, in Jesus name we pray.

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