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How To Know If You Are HIV Positive Or Not

Actually, most people with HIV don't become aware of their condition right away. Yet, symptoms could start showing up two to six weeks after infection. At this point, your immune system will start to respond. Acute retroviral syndrome is another name for primary HIV infection.

The symptoms are similar to those of the flu and other viral diseases, according to Healthline. They often only last a week or two before disappearing. Many people don't exhibit any overt symptoms or indicators. It's possible that you have HIV infection but aren't aware of it. HIV warning signs consist of:



• Muscular aches.

•Tongue and throat pain.

•An increase in lymph nodes.

•A red, non-itching rash that commonly develops on the neck or torso.

•Unbelievably rapid weight loss.

•Persistent purplish spots on your skin.

• Breathing difficulties.

•Severe and long-lasting diarrhoea.

•Bruises or bleeding that you cannot explain.

•Body sores (ulcers), including those in the mouth, throat, anus, and genitalia

If you have these symptoms and believe you may have had contact with an HIV positive person during the previous two to six weeks, please see a doctor and ask for an HIV test. You should be tested if you don't have any symptoms but are worried that you could have been exposed to the virus.

For two reasons, it is important to test early. To start, there is currently a very high level of HIV in your blood and other bodily fluids. It easily spreads among people as a result. Second, receiving treatment as soon as possible could boost your immune system and lessen your suffering.

The Final Verdict.

Patients with AIDS have a median life expectancy of three years without therapy; this can be further shortened in the case of a subsequent infection. HIV treatment is already available, though. You can live a long time if you start taking HIV drugs, continue taking them, follow your doctor's recommendations, and adopt healthy habits.

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