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6 Things To Know When Dating Your Best Friend

Dating your best friend needs effort and caution so that things will not get out of hand. This person has been your best friend, someone who can sacrifice anything for you and you may have sacrificed something for his/her joy in the past. When such a person is now the one you want to date, you should know that any wrong step you take may affect the good memories you have both shared in the past. So, the need to know how to handle things so that you both keep your union growing as best friends and lovers is important

Below are 6 useful things to know when dating your best friend.

1. Do not rush things. Take things easy and watch well before you make moves. Yes, this person has been your friend and you have known each other for a long time. But, may I tell you that there may still be something you are yet to know about him/her. So, do not start acting like you know him/her. Take your time to keep studying him/her. Now that the kind of relationship that exists between you is now changing, you start noticing slight differences from the one you use to know before. Taking things easy will help you avoid mistakes.

2. Know that he/she can offend you. Because you have known each other for some time can make you assume that he/she can not offend you since you are best friends. But you may have to make room for offenses. Nobody is perfect, you can both offend each other. So, if he/she offends you, do not say it is intentional because you expect him/her to know what will make you angry and avoid it. But the truth is that it doesn't work like that. You can still offend each other not minding the number of years you have been friends.

3. Be yourself and say the truth. When you feel that he/she is getting too far in the relationship or he/she did something you didn't like, do not keep quiet over it. Call his/her attention. Don't say you don't want your best friend to get angry or feel offended. It is better you both set a strong foundation for yourselves before marriage than to get married and start having challenges.

4. Be conscious of the risk that is involved. Act wisely around him/her and avoid any moves that may cause pain. Be conscious of the fact that you can lose your best friend if you do things that may hurt him/her deeply. You will not want to become an outsider to your best friend. You may not be able to forgive yourself if such a thing happens.

5. Be honest. Open up to him/her when there is a need to do so. You are now lovers, not friends anymore. So, there is a need for sincerity between the two of you.

6. Do not rush into making love. If you are not careful, you will rush into making love with each other thinking that it is a way to show your true love for each other. Making love with your best friend may ruin things for both of you. You may end up becoming friends with hiding benefits. Because deep inside of you, you have not taken time to check yourself and be sure that you are ready to stay with him/her forever. Your relationship will turn to those who are s_x partners and that will not be the best thing to do as best friends. You must be sure that you are committed to spending the rest of your lives with each other.

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