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Why Girls Experience High Urge For Intimacy During Ovulation

If you are a woman, you may agree that ovulation can be a challenging time of the month. It brings about a strong desire for intimacy, which can sometimes make women who lack understanding feel guilty or unclean for experiencing such feelings.

In this article, inspired by a publication on Healthline, we will explore the reasons behind women's heightened urge for intimacy during ovulation. If you have been curious about why this happens to you regularly, this article aims to provide you with enlightenment. So, keep reading, and you will be pleased you did.

Firstly, let's discuss when ovulation occurs. It takes place after your menstrual flow, and it is during this stage that women are considered most fertile. Couples seeking to conceive are often advised to engage in sexual activity regularly or throughout this period to maximize their chances of getting pregnant.

Now, why do women experience such a strong urge during ovulation? This is an important question, particularly in regions where religious beliefs are prevalent, and individuals may find it challenging to question their parents about this matter. We will delve into the answer here.

Why Do Women Feel a Heightened Urge During Ovulation?

The primary reason for these feelings is the influence of hormones within the body during this time. According to healthline Estrogen and testosterone are the key hormones responsible for the increased desire for sexual activity when a woman is going through ovulation. During this period, these hormones reach their highest levels, resulting in a significantly heightened urge for intimacy. The human body is designed for procreation, so when a woman is most fertile, the desire for sexual activity naturally intensifies.

As a woman, there is nothing to be concerned about or feel ashamed of. These feelings are a natural part of the biological process that ultimately leads to the creation of new life.

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