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No Election Observer Has said "on Record" that BVAS was Manipulated -Adewale Ajadi

A public affairs analyst, Adewale Ajadi, has addressed the controversies surrounding the use of BVAS in the presidential election. During his interview on News Central, Ajadi reviewed the reactions of election observers regarding the electoral process.

Black Panther and the Children, By Adewale Ajadi - Premium Times OpinionAddressing the topic, Adewale said, "BVAS and IREV are not the same. BVAS is used in the accreditation of voters. However, nobody has said on record that the BVAS did not work or that it was manipulated. The BVAS has evolved to its present state over three elections. INEC has tried to do something that has experienced similar problems around the world.

He added, "Whenever you embark on an enterprise system that involves going live with millions of people, there are chances of facing problems. In all cases, 85% of the votes were uploaded by the fourth day. Clearly, we do not trust our government institutions, and we have a tendency to dramatize competitions. You can review what the observers have said, and you will find that they have not substantiated anything that suggests that the election was not credible.

You can watch the interview here.

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