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Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel Is The Best Coach In The World

Chelsea's Thomas Tuchel should be considered as the Best Coach in the World and should be the one to lift the 2021 Fifa Men's Coach of the year award.

What Thomas Tuchel has done with Chelsea is out of this world. Chelsea were not among the top three teams in England when he took over from Frank Lampard. He had a difficult task to overcome after replacing Lampard and he did it in grand style by winning the UEFA Champions league beating the likes of Real Madrid and Guardiola's Manchester City.

Its not just winning the Champions league that makes Tuchel stand out among his peers, Its what he has done with Chelsea that sets him apart from others. Chelsea are currently the most feared team in Europe and the World, they have the best defense on the planet that rarely conceed goals and soak up all manner of pressure from any opposition. Chelsea's defense can take anything you throw at them.To make things more interesting, their defenders are not just preventing the opposition from scoring goals.They are also scoring goals of their own.

Reece James, Thiago Silva, Anthonio Rudiger and Ben Chiwell have all gotten on the scoresheet more than twice this season both in the League and in Europe. Its difficult to stop a team that can score goals from anywhere be it defense, midfield and attack.

If Chelsea's defense has been quite impressive, their midfield is even more impressive. Possessing two of the best midfielders in the world in Ngolo Kante and Jorginho their midfielders have managed to retain possession more than their opponents which eventually makes their opponent weak and wear out easily and then they use your weakness against you and end up defeating you. As we have seen as against the likes of Modric and Toni Kroos for Real Madrid and Kevin de Bruyne for Man City.

This is quite different from the Chelsea we once knew under Jose Mourinho who defeated opponets by "Parking the Bus" Which implies committing quite a number of players at the heart of the defense to frustrate the opposition, then hit on a counter attack when the need arises.

Chelsea are now playing entertaining football which they have been criticized of not been able to play. This is all thanks to the winning mentality, discipline and character Thomas Tuchel has been able to install in his players.

Lets not forget a very important member of Chelsea FC squad, Goal Keeper Edouard Mendy. Words cannot be used to describe just how fantastic he has been for the Blues. He is the man who has kept the ship steady at Chelsea, making save after save to deny opposing teams victory on so many occasions.

Thomas Tuchel has been able to turn a group of average players with just a few world class players to the most dangerous team on the planet. Remember they even beat Guardiola's Manchester City three times in a row. No other Coach has been able to do that to Guardiola.

Putting all this into consideration, it would only be fair to conclude that Thomas Tuchel is the Best Coach on the Planet. With respect to other Coaches out there.

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