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If You Don't Allow Such in Your State, Stop saying Igbos and Benin Settlers Own Lagos - Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze, a Nigerian media personality, recently made comments on the ongoing debate over who the true owners of Lagos are during a live broadcast on his verified Facebook page. He stated that if people do not allow non-indigenous people to own land in their states, they should stop claiming that the Igbo and Benin settlers are the owners of Lagos state. He went on to clarify that the meaning of the word "Lagos" is irrelevant when determining the owners of Lagos state historically.

According to Daddy Freeze, the land is historically owned by the Yoruba people, although there can be a debate over the ancestry of the current inhabitants of the state. He also highlighted that geographically, Lagos state is a Yoruba land as it shares no border with any state that is not a hardcore indigenous Yoruba. In addition, he pointed out that the fact that Lagos has a Portuguese name does not take away from the fact that it is a Yoruba land, just as the names "Port Harcourt" and "Cross River" are not traditional words.

Daddy Freeze acknowledged that Lagos state is a melting pot of different cultures because of the blend of every Nigerian there. Nonetheless, he maintained that the land belongs to the Yorubas, as it was not carved out of different places like Abuja. The only state that was cut out of Lagos state was Ogun state.

To watch the full video (between 2nd - 13th minutes).

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