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3 Northern Politicians Who May Restructure Nigeria If They Become President.

Restructuring has been one of the trending issues in Nigeria, in which many people have separate opinions and have different beliefs about it.

Many southerners believe that restructuring is one of the lasting solutions to strengthen our economy, which seems to be not booming like before, and the system will also help in killing the security problems that we are facing.

However, on the other hand, some northern groups and the federal government see no reason why we should restructure Nigeria, as they claim that unity and dialogue are what we need to regain our superiority.

 Furthermore, as we all know, everyone has different perspectives on issues and approaches to problem-solving. These are the 3 northern politicians that embrace restructuring, and they may restructure Nigeria if they are lucky enough to become president.

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Rabiu Kwankwaso.

Unlike many Northerners, this former Governor of Kano State has a strong belief in restructuring and he may strongly do it if he is lucky enough to become the president of Nigeria.

 In 2018, Kwankwaso made it known that, apart from the fact that restructuring will speed up development in Nigeria, it will also strengthen the Nigerian economy and make the country prosperous.

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Atiku Abubakar:

Just like many southerners, Atiku Abubakar is also a fan of restructuring, and he may strongly consider it if he is elected as Nigeria's president.

In many of his speeches, Atiku has said that restructuring is something that we must do, not an option, in order to save Nigeria from being a failed state. 

Not only that, in 2018, he promised to put restructuring as one of his top projects if he was elected in the 2019 election.

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Nasir El rufai:

El rufai also follows the trend. The current governor of Kaduna state made it known some years ago that restructuring would benefit Nigeria in numerous ways, apart from strengthening our economy and security level.

He further claimed that any politician who goes against restructuring is doing it for their own selfish gain, instead of considering the betterment of the millions of Nigerian.

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