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Eastern Security Network is not after people or any tribe: Nnamdi Kanu reveals

The leader of the indigenous people of biafra today tweeted on his Twitter account that the Eastern security network is not after any people or tribe in Nigeria. According to him, the eastern security network is meant to fight terrorist who kill people.

The eastern security network is a non state regional Force and the paramilitary Wing of the indigenous people of biafra a movement whose aim is to restore the Independence of biafra which has been defunct since the end of a 1967 to 1970 national civil war.

Nnamdi Kanu also pointed out that anybody who is against Eastern security network is either a terrorist or a slave. The Nigerian army have been against the Eastern security network since it's formation and the recent saga going on in IMO state was said to be caused by them.

No doubt Mazi Nnamdi Kanu might have good intentions for the people of Biafra but the Nigerian government are against the Eastern security network which also makes it hard for them to function in most eastern state. The eastern governor's on the other hand met few days ago to form a security network for the Eastern Peart of Nigerian and this has raised so many eye brows. The Eastern security network has come to stay and is not leaving anytime soon.

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