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I did much for you as governor, Wike has done opposite - Rotimi Amaechi tell Igbos in Rivers State

Speaking to Ibos in Rivers at a gathering in Port Harcourt, the former minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi said that while he was governor, he appointed an Igbo man as commissioner, elevated two to the position of permanent secretaries, hired 3,000 teachers, and provided scholarships to a number of others. He added that these privileges have vanished under Wike's rule.

We cannot win without you, Amaechi commanded the Igbos in Rivers. We will lose if you don't show up that day. We require your presence and your standing. We require your courage. We will replace anything they destroy, even if they set fire to your home or your business. You'll get every kobo you lost back.

I'm an Igbo man from the Ikwerre Local Government Area. I advise people to pray that the Igbos will unite. Igbos have gained control of Obio/Akpor Local Government and Port Harcourt City on the day they came together. Chairman will be produced till we are no longer able to.

Cole warned the Igbos in Rivers while slapping Wike, saying, "You won't suffer, we won't hassle you, won't ruin your business, won't tear down your stores to build bridges. When you vote us in, we would prefer to develop bridges to help your businesses and well-being.

"All of you have come out to support me. You've come to declare your support for the APC. The fact that you support me, however, is insufficient. Make sure that everyone you know votes on election day. We have two days to get the word out.

"Don't give in to fear. Your vote will not be stolen. Your votes will be safeguarded by the military. Anybody who tries to influence your vote should make a life-or-death decision.

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