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Tips to differentiate original honey from adulterated ones

Tips to differentiate original honey from adulterated ones.


The only way they could adulterate it, was by bringing a prepared mixture of sugar or jaggery syrup in the container. Checking various articles, I found few tips which contradict each other. Still, I find the following tests to be pretty effective.

1. Water test.

Take a tumbler of water. Drop a tablespoon of honey by keeping the spoon slightly higher than the water level. Keep it for around one minute.


Pure honey: Honey would pass through the water like a thread and settle down immediately without mixing. It forms a lump at the bottom.

Impure honey: Part of it gets disintegrated and mixes immediately.

2. Flame test.

Dip the cotton wick of a candle to a bit of honey. Shake of the excess. And light the wick with a lighter.


Pure honey- The wick burns.

Impure honey- The water content in the honey prevents it from burning. Crackling sound can be heard.

3. Absorption test.

Pour a few drops of honey on a blotting paper.


Pure honey No absorption on the blotting paper.

Impure honey Absorption can be seen.

4. Cloth test

Pour a few drops of honey on a cloth. Then wash it off.


Pure honey gives no stain remains.

Impure honey will leave stain remains.

Controversial tests.

5. Ant test

Some say that ants won’t come near to pure honey. But, professional bee keepers say that ants do gather around pure honey.

There are also chemical tests which can be done in the labs. The above mentioned tests are for home tests. If we are buying it from shops, we should surely look into the ingredients label. Mostly, they come with some level of additives.

In confidence, I can say one thing. the above mentioned methods were pretty successful in differentiating pure honey from adulterated ones. In case, any of you find any other full proof method to identify pure honey, please do update.

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