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How to Spot Fake Clothes When You Go Shopping

While it might seem almost very impossible to chase away fake fabric from our fashion market, we can still help ourselves by learning how to identify fake clothes. This way, we efforlessly differentiate the fake from the original.

This applies not only to your unsewn fabrics but also to your Ankara outfits and other styles of outfits.


Here is what you should do in order to spot a fake outfit:

1. Examine the fabric used to make the cloth carefully.

The materials of original items usually appear original and of good quality. That is, there are no tears or stains on the clothes unless they are part of the design.

To further prove their originality, some fashion designers usually print their logo on the fabric. Fashion designers should try their best to attach their logo to their outfits so that customers can easily spot fake ones.

The truth is that every brand or business has a unique logo and style. It is one of their means of identification and advertisement too. However, the market responsible for making fake products has actually succeeded in duplicating so many things, including logos and designs that are supposed to be original.

Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )


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