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3 Effective Ways To Be A Discipleship Of Christ.

Who is discipleship? Discipleship is a person that is born again. A person who is ready to carry the cross and follow christ without any complaint. The assurance of our salvation is first within it has given us eternal life which is in Christ Jesus, Eph1:13

Below are the three ways to be good discipleship;

1. A disciple is a learner.

A disciple must be ready to do the will of his master and must always endure at all times 1chronicles11:15-17. He or she must be loyal to his master, Matthew6:21-24 a disciple who is ready to learn must be consistent in what he or she is doing. A disciple who is ready to learn must be conscious of what they are.

2. Discipleship is a live transfer.

It is along a life process, a way of making someone conform or transform to the image of the person or personality of the person. You can not be a disciple without being under the control of the holy spirit. The holy spirit will make everything easier for a disciple. You must be ready to impart into people's lives who are around.

3. A discipleship is always ready to accept mistakes and follow instructions.

Another way to become a disciple under the law of Christ to his followers then was that his followers are always behind what Christ says, they never prove to know more than He does. Even when it seems to be alright, and sure that there are no longer fishes comic up to the surface of the water, Jesus asked the fisherman to throw his hook and fishing net into the water one more time, and he obeyed, after this, we all read how he was unable to draw out the plenty fishes in his net, that he has to call others for help.

Prayer Points; O Lord of heaven, teach me, instruct me to always do and abide by your will, so that I can know, meditate and preach your words to others in the name of Jesus.

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