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We’ll Remove Senate President If He Blocks Buhari’s Impeachment Again, Says Fadahunsi

The Senator representing Osun East and the vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs and Excise – Senator Francis Fadahunsi has stated that the Senate President - Ahmad Lawan is blocking attempts by the opposition parties to impeach the President Muhammadu Buhari in the upper house of the National Assembly. Fadahunsi further declared that if he attempted to prevent the Senate from impeaching Buhari, they would first impeach Lawan. The lawmaker stated that the impeachment procedures would begin as soon as his colleagues' current six-week yearly vacation ended on September 20. Senator Fadahunsi made this disclosure while speaking with journalists in Abuja.

According to a Daily Post report, Senator Fadahunsi said that the majority of Senators from all political parties had passed a vote of no confidence in the Buhari administration because of his failure to address the deteriorating security situation in Nigeria, He said, "We have been discussing and making recommendations on how to resolve the security issues the nation is currently experiencing, but the Head is tied to the Villa. All of our attempts to take the President to task with harsh measures have been thwarted by him. Now that the nation is being decimated by terrorists with no government strategy to fight them, we have decided to strike while the iron is still hot rather than wasting our time working with the leadership of Ahmad Lawan. We won't hold off till we are all dead.

He further stated that those who supported Buhari in 2015 believed that because he was a former military commander, he might reduce the level of insecurity. Unfortunately, he is seeing things become worse and he is helpless. Because of this, the lawmakers decided that we would impeach him if we returned on September 20 and saw that nothing had changed significantly.

According to this report, Senator Fadahunsi further stated that anyone who claims that we won't impeach Buhari will first be impeached. We will remove anyone who attempts to prevent us from proceeding, even the Senate President. Senator Fadahunsi revealed that Peoples Democratic Party senators left the chamber last Wednesday during plenary after Lawan stopped attempts to begin the impeachment process against Buhari due to the nation's security situation.

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