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Check Out The Bending Bridge Which Is One Of It's Kind

When it comes to bridges in the world, China is one country that simply tops the list of having different bridges with unique designs such as the longest sea-crossing bridge, the tallest glass bridge and also the world longest suspension bridge.

However there is one bridge called the Ruyi bridge which is located in Shenxianju Valley in the Zhejiang province, what makes this bridge so unique and different from others is that it is not your regular bridge but rather an undulating one.

This bridge is 100m long and it sits at a height of 140m above a valley, the entire bridge is made up of 3 wavy bridges in which the bottom was made with transparent glass. It was designed by He Yunchang, who was also among the people who designed the "Bird's Nest" which was the stadium that was used for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

It is said that the shape of the bridge was inspired by a jade ruyi which is a curved and decorative object which is a symbol of good fortune and power in Chinese folklore. 

This bridge was officially opened way back in September 2020, and it has seen the inflow of many Tourists who just want to feel the thrill of walking on a magnificent bridge which you can see through the transparent glass below which might even induce an acrophobic feeling in them.

This bridge has shown how fast China is developing in many futuristic technologies and how well they have applied architectural technology to various constructions.

Photo credit: Google.

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Bending Bridge China He Yunchang Ruyi


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