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I Will Join LP On The Streets If The Judges Doesn't Show Interest In Our Evidence - Atedo Peterside

Credit Source: YouTube

Atedo Peterside, President and Founder of Anap Foundation, has stated that if the judge says that their evidence of suspected result manipulation is irrelevant, he will join the Labour Party (LP) to protest peacefully. During an interview with Arise TV, he warned the Labour Party not to criticize the election decision while they are preparing for the court case. He further stated that if the court is uninterested in their evidence, they can walk to the streets peacefully.

He went on to say that the degree of trust Nigerians have in the judiciary should not change, and that they should be given a chance to do their job. He also stated that they have evidence of tampered with tippex findings, but it is up to the judges to decide whether or not that evidence is relevant.

"Protesting today is premature. I'm a strict person, and I believe they should go through all of the procedures. Bring this evidence to court and let the judges decide whether or not it is relevant. Perhaps I'll join you on the streets at that point, but not now. Let people enough time to do their work."

Please watch the video below:

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