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3 Ways to improve your spiritual life as a Christian.

Spiritual life of a Christian is the holistic relationship between God and man, that comprises of holiness, life in the spirit, the gifts of the holy spirit and the discipline of the spirit.

Many Christians long to maintain a good relationship with God, but life circumstances tends to make them backslide from time to time.

However there are little unique ways you can improve your spiritual life as a Christian to fill the void of God's presence that you long for in life.

Below are the unique ways you can improve your spiritual life as a Christian, irrespective of life circumstances.1. GOING TO A PRAYER MOUNTAINS:

Mountains are secluded, quiet and very close to nature, which offers the solitude needed for a spiritual encounter with God.

Mountain is a place where Moses had received messages from God,for the Israelites of old, which aided them on their journey to the promised land.

From time to time, take a break from the noise and troubles of life to seek the face of God in mountains, where you can effectively communicate with God without distractions.

You can equally hear God in such environment when he must have spoken to you also. A prayer in mountains can improve your spiritual life as a Christian.


It is one thing to read the Bible, it is another thing to pray it. Most Christians don't own a Holy Bible not to talk of studying it, those who happens to own one badly open it, while those who read it don't pray the word.

It's very important as a Christian to have time to study and pray the word, so as to improve your spiritual life. For the word of God is the food of the spirit, which is the soul of man.


Fasting also known as abstinence is the wilful refrain meant from eating and sometimes drinking.

Fasting when accompanied with prayers helps in strengthening the life of our spirit man.

For you to grow extraordinarily in your quest for a sound spiritual life as a Christian, you have to embark on fasting and prayers from time to time.

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