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Why Christians Do Not Need To Fear Death

10 Important Things the Bible Says about Death

Death. The very mention of the term conjures up thoughts of gloom, men and women dressed in black, mourning, and, for some, terror. God, on the other hand, does not want us to live in fear or defeat. He wants us to live and die with the assurance that we belong to the victorious, risen King who overcame death by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

Some people believe that when we die, we simply stop existing. They claim that human consciousness emerges gradually as the brain matures, and that it will eventually decay or vanish. The Bible, on the other hand, contradicts this. Our physical bodies will decompose, but our souls will live forever, either in God's presence or eternally separated from Him, according to Scripture.

More importantly, death can serve as a reminder of the wonderful hope we have in Christ. Every trial and tribulation we face on this planet has the potential to pull us closer to our Savior, to center us deeper in His truths, and to inspire us to have transformative discussions with others. “To live is Christ, and to die is gain,” we should all learn to say (Phil. 1:21).

God does not want us, His loving creations, to be afraid, uncertain, or confused. In Christ, we have a certain, magnificent, and joy-filled future; a future without suffering, sorrow, or sickness. This invitation is extended to anybody who places their faith in Jesus and the price He paid, rather than in themselves or their good efforts.

Furthermore, the Bible states that if we believe Christ is the spotless Son of God, and that He died for our sins and rose from the dead, we will be admitted to heaven. Our Savior allows us to have unrestricted, relational connection with him. He who holds the universe in His hands also holds our lives in His hands, now and forever. This implies that when our bodies fail and illness strikes, we can rest assured that we are safe in God's impenetrable love.

Finally, after telling two parables to show the reality of God's kingdom, Jesus discussed a time when He will separate the "sheep from the goats" in Matthew 25. Those who are pronounced righteous by His blood will have eternal life, while those who reject Him will be condemned to an eternity of punishment (Matt. 25:45). In other words, eternity awaits all, though our ultimate destination may look vastly different.

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