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2 Islamic Clerics Speak On Deborah's Death Shortly After Sultan's Condemnation

Shortly after the Sultanate council of Sokoto condemned the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel, a student of the college of education in Sokoto state, other Islamic scholars have also expressed their own views regarding the incident, and they have also condemned the action taken by the students who murdered her. 

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Deborah was beaten, stoned, and set ablaze because of a voice note she posted in their school departmental group chat. She said some words which some of her colleagues who are Muslims weren't happy about. They tagged her statement as blasphemous. 

An Islamic scholar who spoke with BBC Pidgin Toyin Yusuf said those who stoned and killed Deborah didn't do the work of Allah and that their actions were not a representation of Islam. 

Another scholar who spoke against the killing of Deborah is Sheik Nuer Khalid. According to him, even though the punishment attached to blasphemers of the Qur'an and the Prophet is death, the law to be killed is not the hands of the mob who killed Deborah.

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