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Saint Obi's Final Words With Me Before His Death - Film Producer, Zeb Ejiro

Renowned Nigerian movie director and producer Zeb Ejiro has revealed the content of a conversation he had with the actor Obinna Nwafor, better known as Saint Obi, shortly before his untimely death.

Ejiro emphasized that Saint Obi's unsuccessful marital relationship significantly contributed to his unfortunate death, as he placed great importance on his family life.

During an interview with Vanguard, Ejiro conveyed that Saint Obi was unable to cope with the emotional distress of being separated from his loved ones.

According to his statement, "On multiple occasions, Obi confided in me about the deteriorating state of his marriage, and it deeply troubled him. He was a devoted family man who cherished being with his children and creating a joyful household.

However, the collapse of his marriage profoundly affected him, and he never managed to overcome the shock, which ultimately led to his demise."

When a man is separated from his family, he experiences profound sadness. No man desires to find himself in such circumstances and feel content. Therefore, this factor played a significant role in his death."

Zeb Ejiro disclosed that he received a phone call from Saint Obi a fortnight prior to his death, during which he informed him about his prolonged ailment.

He recounted the incident, saying, "I received a call from Saint Obi, and it happened two weeks before his unfortunate death. I inquired about his whereabouts, as everyone had been searching for him. It was then that he revealed to me that he had been sick and hospitalized."

The filmmaker further mentioned that he had undergone a lot of surgical procedures, yet his health showed no signs of improvement. In response, his elder sister took the initiative to arrange his transfer to Jos, where he could receive adequate medical care.

Regrettably, that marked our final conversation, and I assured him that I would contact him again. However, I failed to fulfill that promise, as the next news I received was that Obi had passed away."

Just recently, film producer Zik Zulu Okafor published a piece in which he recounted the impact of actor Saint Obi's marriage on his social circle and acting career.

It's worth noting that Zeb Ejiro also expressed his thoughts following the passing of Ada Ameh. The seasoned film producer said he played a pivotal role in launching Ada's career through her debut role in the 1996 film Domitila.

He made these remarks during the commemorative event held by the cast of the popular Africa Magic series, The Johnsons.

During his tribute to Ada Ameh, he acknowledged that he was merely a vessel utilized by God to provide her with the opportunity to shine as a star.

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