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"I'm Not Going To Do An Open Relationship With You, If You Are Out, Tell Me" -Yemi To Khosi

Some two Big Brother Titans Housemates named Yemi and Khosi have recently been involved in a heated argument. While they were arguing things out, the former made the latter choose between ending the relationship or staying together with him.

This happened after the Saturday night party in the house's garden. They were in the garden together while involved in a heated argument because of Yemi's action towards other ladies at the party. Therefore, the argument made Yemi to be able to state his intentions making it known to Khosi that he doesn't want an open relationship.


Moving on, Yemi gave Khosi the alternative of staying with him or they end the relationship. In the heated argument, Yemi wasn't ready to hear the side of Khosi.

He said, "I told you what I want to do with you. If you are going to tell me you're out, just tell me you're out. Do whatever you want to do, I'll be fine. I told you I'm not going to do an open relationship with you."

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