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7 Pieces Of Advice Bishop Oyedepo Gave The Graduating Students Of Landmark University

Bishop David Oyedepo, the Chancellor, Landmark University, spoke about 'Making your life count' at the 8th Convocation Ceremony of Landmark University. He addressed the graduates and spoke about the realities of life in his brief speech because parting words are very vital, they are very important. Here are 7 Pieces of advice he gave them:

1. The size of any problem is not really the problem. It is getting started at seeking solutions that have been the problem. I have always believed in finding indigenous solutions to indigenous problems.

2. You are not a failure until you start looking for who to blame for it. Waiting for someone else to solve your problems, you will be waiting forever. Each one has enough burden to bear.

3. We all have what it takes to deal with the issues of our lives if we only would think enough. Every great problem is solved by starting from known to unknown. Revolution begins from one spot and it starts to spread and to spread. Only changed people can bring about changes. No shortcut. We must come to recognize that everything global started locally.

4. What you have is your cup of tea, what you add is what defines your personality. Go and add value. Those who live to consume, never have enough.

5. Beware of a lifestyle of a hurry. Most people practically among the youth suffer diverse horrors but than any other time in history. It’s common knowledge that most victims of road accidents are men and women are in a hurry. Insensitive to the road signs, they engage in overspeeding, ending their lives before they knew. Hurry is the breeding ground for horror.

6. We are admonished in scriptures to be followers of them who through faith and patience inherited the promises. Patience is a big factor for a peaceful life, for a fulfilling life, for a meaningful life. Learn patience.

7. Don't crave to travel out of the country without a destined mission.

In conclusion, little by little, one step after another, the longest journey is made. Don’t be part of this hurry syndrome.

Source: Church Gist

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