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"Even If Murphy Was Bad To You Before He Died, You Should At Least Forgive And Mourn Him" KC Jagaba

KC Jagaban Criticizes Colleagues for Failing to Mourn Murphy Afolabi and Pay Condolence Visit

Yoruba movie actor KC Jagaban has expressed his disappointment in some of his colleagues who did not mourn and failed to attend the burial of late actor Murphy Afolabi. In a new video, KC Jagaban emphasized the importance of forgiveness and mourning, even if Murphy had been perceived as a bad person before his passing.

KC Jagaban revealed that some of the actors whom Murphy Afolabi had helped propel to stardom in the Yoruba movie industry did not show up at his funeral. He expressed his concern that they had not visited Murphy's family to offer condolences, citing their claims of being too busy as unacceptable considering the significant impact Murphy had on their lives.

In the video statement, KC Jagaban expressed his sentiments, saying, "Even if Murphy was a bad person before he died, you should at least forgive and mourn him. Some of you whom he helped become famous in the movie industry did not show up during his burial. You kept saying you are too busy to the extent that you cannot even pay his family a condolence visit after his death. It's unfair considering the impact he had on your lives."

The link provided leads to the video where KC Jagaban shares his thoughts on the matter.

As a well-known figure in the Yoruba movie industry, KC Jagaban has earned recognition for his talent and the notable roles he portrays in movies. His recent rise to fame has further solidified his position in the industry.

KC Jagaban's comments shed light on the importance of acknowledging and honoring the contributions of fellow actors, regardless of past grievances. The incident serves as a reminder for the entertainment community to prioritize compassion, forgiveness, and unity in times of loss.

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