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Our Yoruba Elder Visited Me And Apologized To Me On Behalf Of Tinubu For Me To Forgive Him-Bode George

While Bode George was talking with the media, he said that he has no problems with Tinubu and both of them are not enemies, although they are in different political parties and have different goals. Bode George told the media that some older people had come to his office to apologize to him on behalf of Tinubu.

In his words, he said "Our Yoruba elder, Papa Olusi apologized to me on behalf of Tinubu for me to forgive him all the wrongs he has done against home. But I told him that I have no problem with Tinubu and I'm not fighting with him. We are no enemies, and there's nothing going on between us at this point".

"Apart from Papa Olusi, several other people had reached out to me apologizing to me to forgive Tinubu, but I told them that I have nothing against him, I am a Christian. Vengeance is of God, and not for me to do".

"I don't have anything against Tinubu, although we have our different goals and we have differences.

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