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Shame To That Man Who Gathered Some Miscreants And Retired People Against Me- Wike

Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike acknowledged his eight years in office as the most effective representation of the people and expressed his satisfaction. He enthusiastically emphasized the keeping of every promise to the public throughout his entire term in office.

Source: Channels TV

Additionally, while navigating the state's streets, Governor Wike was proud of his assured demeanor and favorable public perception. He certainly expressed that neither he nor his partners held onto any worries about possible assaults, as they would leave with their heads held high, completely persuaded that they had given their most extreme to propel the prosperity of Streams State.

According to Channels TV's reporting of Nyesom Wike's exact statement, "Shame to that man who gathered some miscreants and retired people against me," he said.

To all of my devoted readers, I am confident that you will have something to say about Nyesom Wike's statement.

Please try to spread the word to your friends and leave your thoughts in the box below. We praise God that we will successfully hand over to the governor-elect. I'm confident that nobody in Rivers State will stone me on my way home from work. Nobody will say that I looted the state's treasury or that no projects were finished. You can inform anyone at home, challenge me, and inform me of the areas in which we are lacking. No neighborhood government in this state can say that we have not had an effect, not one. So that we can say, "God, I thank you for bringing Rivers State into the spotlight," when we return home.

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