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If You Can't Fight Over A Girl Then Do This

It happens really that some guys are so daft that they don't know what belongs to a person belongs to a person l, it just take a matured mind to understand.

In most cases a lot of guys fight their fellow men over a girl but should we call it a madness? Or the best thing to do.

According to one Facebook user by name iwe ego, he quoted, because she is my girlfriend doesn't mean you can't flirt and be chatting with her.

If you ask her out or invite her over to your house and she agrees, fix her and buy her whatever she need then go out with her, only that will she know your intentions towards her.

If things go further that's fine so be it,just be the boyfriend I couldn't be. Because if I was the boyfriend she really wanted she wouldn't flirt or come over to you when she has a boyfriend, gone are days we fight over a girl, you can only keep a woman who want to be kept.

There is a saying that says you can only force a horse to the water but you can not force it to drink. No matter how much coconut you give to a cat it's eyes still look at the bush.

So if you can't fight over a girl then decide to let her go be she was not meant for you, fighting over a girl is madness to me I don't know about you so can drop your own take concerning the post

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