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How To Clean Solar Light Panels and Bulbs

Solar-powered gadgets are great alternatives to regular options as these devices operate on solar energy, which is basically available for free for everyone. There are special and lights available in the market that you can install in your home or backyard and have free-of-cost illumination forever. These lights are recharged when the sun is up and are activated in the evening or night so that you get free light throughout the night.

While there is little to no maintenance required for solar lights, they do require proper cleaning so that their performance remains intact throughout their lifespan. If you have also installed solar lights in your backyard or garden and observed degraded performance from your lights, it might be time for you to take a look at these lights and make sure they are cleaned and maintained.

But before you can clean your solar lights, you need to understand how to properly clean solar lights. In most cases, you will also need to clean the solar panel which is powering the light to get your lights back to their original illumination level.

How To Clean Light Panels and Bulbs

According to Electronicshub, cleaning the light bulbs is the easiest part of the complete cleaning procedure. Generally, the surface of light bulbs is very smooth. Hence, the fixated dust and dirt come off of it very easily. To clean your light bulb, follow the steps given here:

1. First of all, take a smooth cloth and make it damp with water so that it can easily pick up loose dust from the bulb.

2. Now, take the damp cloth and wipe off the bulb surface. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure as it can easily break the bulb.

3. If you see any chrome on the bulb surface, you will have to use dishwashing soap or bathing soap water to get the bulb clean.

4. Once you wipe the surface with a soap water cloth, use a different damp cloth to clean off the residue soap. After that, you can either use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture or let it dry naturally.

5. It is recommended to repeat this process at least once every couple of months for the best results.

As for the solar panel, you will need to take additional care while cleaning it. If you know how to clean your solar panel properly, you can easily maintain it without needing any professional help.

1. Similar to the bulb, the solar panels also have a very smooth surface. Hence, you can use the same cloth to clean the solar panel which was used for the bulbs.

2. The very first thing you should do is wipe the solar panel surface with a damp cloth so that it removes any and all loose dirt from the surface. This makes the further cleaning process easier if required.

3. Keep in mind that the solar panels are very delicate, and a little extra pressure will easily break the panel. Also, try to wipe the debris in a single swipe from the panel, as it can also leave scratches behind.

4. Once you can see all loose dirt is cleaned off, you can use a secondary damp cloth and clean the surface thoroughly with the help of soap water.

5. Make sure that you dry the solar panel completely to ensure high performance.

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