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Rev Kehinde Osoba Cautions Toyin Lawani

A notable prophetess and founder of Apata Ayeraye Cherubim And Seraphim located at Omitoro, Ikorodu, Lagos have sent a serious warning to nollywood actress Toyin Lawali on her manner of dressing to the premiere of a film titled 'The Prophetess'

In her words, Rev. Mother Eritosin said i came across a picture posted by Toyin Lawani, a designer, a Nollywood actress with a religious background of Cherubim and Seraphim.

 As a mother, and a servant in His vineyard, I feel I should lend a voice and advice this celebrity to remember her source and live up to the tenets of her religious background.

Of course, some may argue that, it is not given to man to judge, (Luke 37 : 6) but in (1 Cor : 2:15), it is stated that, "But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet judge of no man".

 So as a servant in His vineyard, it is not wrong of me to correct whatever is considered as wrong particularly, if such an act is immoral, indecent and short of expectation from a supposed role model whose attainment is not only of his or her power, might but by the grace of the creator of the universe. 

I wonder why Toyin should come out with a design similar to the code of dressing of her religious background, (Cherubim and Seraphim) in such a way that will generate an unprecedented uproar.

Such that the general public will have the opportunity of challenging her God-given talent and tag such design as a confrontation against a religious sect to which she belonged in the past.

Toyin should also remember that things of values such as gold, diamond are never exposed, but hidden, and it requires efforts to have them because of the valuable values that are attached to them. 

Not that alone, she should also remember that, it is irresponsible men that are attracted by indecent and immoral dressing, but the responsible men are attracted to dressings that portrays women as responsible, and with valuable values after all.

Hopefully, Toyin will remember her source, be a good role model through her designs, attitude, and most importantly, use her God-given talent to glorify God. 

Can anyone desecrate things that belongs to other religion and get away with the desecration without a consequence? It is suicidal to take the grace we have as Christians for granted and abuse the privilege.

Nakedness is not golden, but dressing to give a bit of imagination to men and the general public speaks volumes and commands respect within our society.

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Apata Ayeraye Cherubim Ikorodu Lagos Toyin


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