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Journalist narrates What happened to him in 2018 Osun election, after he rejected a ₦50k bribe

A Journalist has narrated what happened to him during Osun 2018 election after he refused to take a bribe from opposition party.

According to him, It all started after he arrived the venue for the election. Apparently, he was to cover the Orolu LGA in Kajola.

This was after the Osun election was declared inconclusive, and there was to be a re-run of the election in at least 7 polling units. This polling unit would decide the fate of the election.

Some people who identified themselves as the APC agents welcomed him and 5 others, and promised to take care of them.

They handed them 300k to share among themselves (50k each). He rejected his share of the money and that was where his nightmare began.

He decided to take pictures of what has going on, and some police officers rushed after him, grabbed him by the trousers and he was taken to a black Maria where all his properties were confiscated.

They ordered him to delete the pictures, while cautioning him that cameras were prohibited at the venue even as a journalist. Although, he was later released.

However, he discovered that to gain access to the polling unit, you have to pass through at least 15 checkpoint, and only those with the intention of voting for the APC were allowed in. Their voters card had been seized earlier, all they needed to do was retrieve the card, vote in Apc and they would be handed 20k.

He witnessed how A member of the opposition party was beaten for insisting on voting at the polling unit.

He saw thugs wield guns, machete, charms, using them to threaten people but the police looked away.

A fellow journalists was almost mobbed by thugs after he mistakenly brought out his phone to take pictures. They threatened to kill him while seizing his phone. They had to beg until it was released, while the thugs asked them to leave.

He has not been able to write about the event, as he had to heal from the traumatic effect.

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